Tallis Morris, Jack on Stage

Jack played live this weekend but not with DUALISM! No, instead he was playing on stage backing up his girlfriend at Godmanchester's prestigious Picnic in the Park.

Which pushed me somewhat to the sideline, so i hung back and took some pictures...


Tallis Morris normally plays solo and writes and sings a lot of her own songs. But for Picnic in the Park she got together a band and it sounded really good.

Picnic in the park is an annual one day festival for Huntingdon and the surrounding area and draws around 3000 spectators (based on an average from mine and Jack's best estimate)

At the last minute the drummer fell ill and so Jacob Atwoll (lead guitar) filled in on drums and another guitarist, Jake Day, had to fill in, in the end the whole group had only one day of practice. But you couldn't tell and they gave a good set for the crowd.

If that didn't make the band dynamic enough, halfway through the set the bass drum broke and Joey Bosworth the Keyboardist jumped in to tape it up with gaffer tape while Tallis did what she does best and played solo acoustic for the crowd. That was then followed by Joey playing acoustic in another song, goddamn that man is multi-talented!


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