Faking a Studio

Because I'm a student I actively seek out anything that can save me money. The most amazing thing for me is obviously getting something for nothing, it normally ends up with me putting in three times the effort for something which is far less effective. But that's what money can do for you folks!

So recently I bought a new camera, that did cost me a lot of money, so the idea from then on is to spend absolutely no money at all and forgoing any luxuries altogether. But my head was already filling with ideas about setting up a little photography studio in the garage. I didn't want much, I just wanted to put up a white backdrop to shoot stuff on... But i didn't want to spend any money on it.


The real thing would set you back £40-£50 for what essentially is a large flat white piece of paper. For nicer things like vinyl or muslin it can be double that. I was pretty certain that I could get some decent results from something that I had whipped up myself.

So yesterday I set off to buy the biggest cheapest bed sheet i could find. I managed to get a king size sheet for £4.85. This was defiantly the best idea ever.

After cutting out the elastic and snipping the corners I was left with a flat white sheet which I proceeded to tape up the the beams in the garage using black carpet tape which was insanely adhesive, i was soon overwhelmed and I needed to recruit my girlfriend for help to prevent me from being covered in poorly cut strips of tape.

As you can guess, what I ended up with was a semi-transparent bed sheet hanging freely from the beams of the garage... It occurred to me at this point that I should have probably taken the time to iron out the damn thing. On the other hand what was wrong with having a little bit of texture in the backdrop?

Here's what it looks like if you put people in front of it and take photos.

/lesson learned


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