Real-time processing based installation by Norimichi Hirakawa

Ever wonder what it would be like to visualize sound? Norimichi Hirakawa has come pretty close to capturing it's essence by creating a unique procedurally generated installation which is sort of an animation, but its entirely indescribable.


A brief and baffling description I found on the artists website:-

What is the "Real-Time Process" ?
How can we perceive the moment cannot be reproduced ?
Do we have any way other than facing the surroundings with our body in the situation where the observed object is lost by the observation ?
The sequence of image generated by feedback structure runs on as a indescribable(= unreproducible) animation.
We happen to be there, in the same universe.

and it looks even better in motion

would be awesome to music as well, more of his work can be found at


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